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Marcie Mills

General Manger/ Mirabel Golf Club

I have been working with Zack for a year or more now. He has been very personable and motivating. He does not get frazzled easy and handles all that is thrown at him in a very professional manner. He is light-hearted and an inspiration for me to continue on my wellness journey. I work out with him at 6 am, which is pretty early. I am not the easiest person to deal with at that time in the morning, and Zack never fails to lift my spirits and keep me moving. I have lost 30lbs over the past year, plus there were many times I wanted to throw in the towel. Zack keeps me focused and determined and encourages me to keep going; for that I am grateful.

Amanda Alexander

Mother of 1/ OCB Bikini Pro

Zack is one of the best posing coaches out there. Being a beginner to the bikini competition world, Zack gave such great information not only on bikini posing but the whole sport in general. He is/was so dedicated to making sure I felt ready and also supported me throughout my journey to becoming an OCB Bikini Pro. I mean I could hear him cheering for me while I was on stage, now if that is not support I don’t know what is. It was/has been such a joy to work with someone that has an eye for detail and knows what the judges are looking for. Plus every posing practice was so much fun and comfortable. Overall, a wonderful bodybuilding posing coach and experience.

Jenny Brooks

Mother of 2/

If you want to get stronger, feel encouraged and have fun while doing it, then Zack is the trainer for you. After 4 years of working with him, I've never been stronger or more confident. No matter your level of fitness, he makes you feel like you can conquer anything, even when you are whining your way through it. My favorite thing is the boxing. He choreographs boxing workouts that encourage coordination, confidence and overall feeling of badassery.

Lesley Gardner

Mother of 2/

I'm delighted to write recommendation letter for my ex-personal trainer and coach Zack (we moved). He was focused on my goals and listened to what my needs and wants were. I worked with Zack after my second child needed to get back into shape and mental alignment with my body. His persistence kept me focused and committed to a 3 day weekly routine. He helped gain my confidence back along with laughs along the way. He is very skilled in knowing the body and also the nutrition which was just as important. The results were faster then expected!! Because of Zack's guidance and help I feel comfortable in the gym on how to use equipment properly and workout independently and confidently!

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